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I’m Not Gonna Move to L.A.: The Tiny Cigar

“The future bodes well for Miami film” – John Rasmussen

indieFilmClubMiamiIndie Film Club is teaming up with Film Gate Miami to bring you February’s installment of I’m Not Gonna Move to L.A at O Cinema, featuring 6 filmmakers previewing their works-in-progress and a chance for the audience to pick the winner of the evening’s top prize, a deluxe rental package from CineVideoTech that’s a “battle-tested to create the perfect arsenal” for independent filmmakers of all stripes.

One of the entries in this month’s competition is The Tiny Cigar, a film short completed in 2013 by John Rasmussen, a professor at University of Miami and familiar face in the Miami indie film scene.

John Rasmussen The Tiny Cigar

The Tiny Cigar

Rasmussen summarized his piece by explaining, “The main thrust of the short was to show how a person attempts to overcome a momentary feeling of doubt through action. We employed the dark comedy genre to best get at this theme. Each of the character’s actions serves only to fan the flames of doubt rather than putting them out.”

When asked how he felt about the future of the independent film industry in Miami, Rasmussen is hopeful. “The future bodes well for Miami film.  There is so much more going on now than when I arrived.”

Tickets are on sale now, (and sell out quickly!), for  I’m Not Gonna Move to L.A , Saturday, February 2nd at O Cinema, Miami’s premiere non-profit cinema art house.


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