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Future of Second Saturday Art Walk: Don’t Let The Breakdancing End!

Now is the time for art galleries, musicians, performance artists, restaurants and food trucks to find solutions TOGETHER for managing the increasingly popular Second Saturday Art Walk
Second Saturday Art Walk in September lacked the usual spontaneous acts of breakdancing, live music, performance artists and food trucks serving up their distinct brands of cuisine after an arbitrary “code enforcement” crackdown sent artists and vendors packing.

While many elements that define this monthly community-wide art revelry were palpably missing, Art Walk still featured out-of-control traffic, parking headaches and an exponentially growing crowd of gallery-goers duking it out with frustrated drivers for space on the main thoroughfares.

Vital to Artists and Businesses

Local Businesses Depend on Second Saturdays

Not only is Art Walk vital to the arts community, it also supports and strengthens many homegrown businesses and independent artists that are vital to Miami’s economic recovery.

What was once just a quiet open house of art galleries amongst abandoned warehouses has blossomed into a unique opportunity for painters, sculptors, musicians, performance artists and designers of every stripe to gain exposure within the community.

Food trucks and other vendors also rely heavily on the revenue from Second Saturdays; for some trucks it’s the only event that keeps them in business during summer and other slowdowns.

Solutions From the Community

While it isn’t clear exactly what code was being enforced on Saturday or where artists and vendors can obtain a permit from the City of Miami, it is clear that the Design and Wynwood art districts need an agreement between art galleries, musicians, performance artists, restaurants and food trucks to better manage the Second Saturday crowds.

Activists from Walk Wynwood are at the forefront of finding solutions to manage Second Saturdays with a campaign for temporary street closures during the event.

Instead of crowds where frustrated drivers nearly run over gallery-goers, the Walk Wynwood movement envisions  an Art Walk where vendors fill the streets, parents and children can walk and cross safely, and a neighborhood alive with music and energy.

Future of Second Saturday Art Walk

Temporary street closures are only the beginning to keeping Second Saturday Art Walk a community-wide event for artists, gallery-goers and vendors.

Participants need to meet and come up with solutions TOGETHER to manage the Art Walk crowds, keep the neighborhood safe and clean for everyone, manage the traffic and make it an event where all artists and local businesses can truly flourish.

Visit the Walk Wynwood Facebook page to learn more about the movement and connect with other activists that want to keep Second Saturday Art Walk a vital stronghold for artists and businesses. 


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