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Give 10$ to Save NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday!

Support Autostraddle’s IndieGoGo Campaign: For as little as $10 you can be added to Autostraddle’s illustrious Relaunch Hall of Heroes

Autostraddle fills a desire amongst LGBT ladyfolk that’s rarely satisfied in gay media, covering topics like trans* etiquettebisexual visibility, appreciation of indie music legend Ani F***ing DiFranco, Calendar Girls with women of all body types and genders, and of course,  the weekend’s most beloved NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday.

Filling that void in the gay blogosphere takes money – and Autostraddle needs help from the progressive online community it has fostered since it’s inception in 2009.

For as little as $10 you can be added to Autostraddle’s illustrious Relaunch Hall of Heroes, a donation that will help fund the redesign and social networking components of the website.

There are also different levels of support including a Redesign-Supporter-Only Ad Spot or priority registration for Autostraddle’s yearly retreat, A – Camp.

Visit Autostraddle’s IndieGoGo page now and help support a pioneer in independently owned-and-operated LGBT media!


About What's Up, Miami?

Wanderlust, essayist, curious, realistic optimist, activist, feminist, ever hopeful analyst, Grand Marshall of Miami's premiere Femme Pride group, Yes We Come in Heels!, proud member of the 2011 OUTlet Conference for Young Women committee and featured writer for many blogs, most notably, The Miami Mollys.

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