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Cultivate a Unique Cinematic Vision of Eco-Dystopia

With plans to shoot in the visually stunning Mojave desert and securing different locations in New York City for free, the guerilla filmmakers behind  Vivarium are sure to cultivate a thought provoking sci-fi thrill ride.

Imagine a hopeless future where Mother Nature is extinguished through bio-chemical warfare and only the privileged few can escape to Vivarium, a perfect virtual reality of a formerly pristine Earth.

Click Here for a Script Sample

Lone Shark Studio’s unique alchemy of suspense, imagination and even a little humor  is sure to provide audiences a certain cinematic magic missing from the big budget clunkers and tiresome reboots that comes out of Hollywood these days.

Contrasting the Blade Runner-esque city in which the protagonist lives, a bounty hunter named Aemon who came of age in genuine wilderness, to the the pristine digital world of Vivarium, the audience is guided through digital playgrounds, corporate espionage and man vs. man conflict that changes the course of human history.

For less than the cost of a movie ticket, supporters can get a digital HD download of the Vivarium, as well as a mention in the film’s closing credits.

More generous supporters receive an executive producer credit, both in  in the film, and on

All supporters of this unparalleled independent film will have a Vivarium tree planted in their name along with an official Vivarium certificate.

Time is running out and sponsorship begins as low as 9$. Visit the Vivarium Kickstarter page to cultivate this unique cinematic vision of eco-dystopia!


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