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How to Have the Most Winning-est Wynwood Art Walk Experience Ever

Tips to avoid the traffic, enjoy the art and celebrate the rise of one of South Florida’s most vibrant artistic communities.

Longtime fans of Wynwood’s Second Saturday Art Walk have seen it blossom from a small art gallery open house to a boisterous celebration of local artists, music and other forms of creative expression over the past few years.

Even the sultry mid-summer night didn’t deter masses of people from attending June’s Second Saturday as evidenced by the throng of art lovers spilling out from the sidewalks into the streets, the lack of parking and the hour long wait drivers endured just to drive home.

While many agree that the rise of Wynwood’s artistic community is a positive thing, it’s growing pains are coming to light as the art district struggles to accommodate the galleries, local businesses, food trucks and masses of Miami art lovers that make Wynwood’s Second Saturday Art Walk a source of community pride.

Until more permanent solutions are agreed upon, here are a few tips to make the average Art-Walker’s experience more pleasant for themselves and for others.

Tip #1 Don’t Park in Wynwood

Why struggle and search for a parking spot in some poorly lit alley? Art-Walkers can easily park in mid-town and then pedicab it over to Wynwood.

Tropical Pedicabs and Swoop Miami, Miami’s premiere rickshaw cyclists,  can be seen every Second Saturday wheeling weary Art-Walkers to their destinations through the busy Wynwood traffic.

Drop either local business a line, either with a tweet or a phone call, and your Wynwood Art Walk chariot awaits!

Tip #2 Just Don’t Drive At All

Planning on calling it an early night? Take advantage of the brand new Wynwood Art Walk Trolley, courtesy of Miami-Dade transit. A free trolley arrives at Omni Metro Mover station or at Midtown (Buena Vista & 34th St)  to take Art-Walkers into Wynwood, every 20 minutes until midnight.

Spacious and air-conditioned, Miami-Dade’s trolley service allows Art Walk lovers to relax and chat with one another as they arrive in comfort and style, making this service one of the most social Second Saturday travel options available.

Who knows? Maybe the love of your life will be sitting there waiting for the trolley (and for you!) at the next Wynwood Art Walk Trolley stop!

Tip #3 Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Art galleries are no longer offering food and free alcohol  in a well meaning effort to deter a keg party-like atmosphere on Second Saturdays. This doesn’t mean the Second Saturday Art Walk party has ended!

Art-Walkers can find refreshment in many forms in the numerous coffee houses, watering holes and upscale restaurants the Wynwood Art District has to offer.

Local favorites like Wood Bar, Jimmy’z Wynwood or Panther Coffee are great stops on your Second Saturday. These local businesses offer many options to quell your thirst, in addition to the excellent music and random acts of breakdancing that occur right outside their doors.

wynwood walls

Photo Courtesy of @KatiePresley305

Want to enjoy a cold drink and the finest graffiti art the city has to offer? Stroll over to Wynwood Walls where once abandoned warehouses sport vibrant murals, beautiful sculptures and fine dining.

Pioneered by developer Tony Goldman, Wynwood Walls is an homage to the street art genre, featuring story high graffiti painstakingly crafted by local artists commissioned by Goldman himself.

Mushaboom Vegan

Of course, who could forget Miami’s beloved food trucks?

Second Saturdays are one of the most profitable night for these independent businesses; for many it’s the one night that keeps their operations rolling.

Even with permit headaches and friction from their more stationary small business peers, food trucks are popping up along along the main thoroughfares of Wynwood anyway ( with, of course, permission from the galleries and shops where they park in front) to dish out their unique brand of culinary tastes in what is lovingly referred to as Second Saturday’s InsurrecYUM!

In the grand scheme of the things, Second Saturday Art Walk is more than an open house for Wynwood’s art galleries. It’s also a unique marketing opportunity for painters, sculptors, musicians, performance artists and designers of every stripe to get more exposure, not to mention the tremendous boost it provides local businesses.

There are many ideas on how to handle the exponentially growing  Art Walk crowd, including a community campaign calling for temporary street closures during the event.  With a little bit of planning and a lot of cooperation, everyone in the Second Saturday Art Walk community, the artists, the local businesses, the food trucks and the ever increasing masses of art lovers all have a place in Wynwood’s beloved Second Saturdays.

Art Walk Resources:

Swoop Miami –  Call (305)409-6636 or drop Swoop Miami a Tweet

Tropical Pedicabs – Call (860) 416-6327 or drop Tropical Pedicabs a Tweet

Wynwood Art Walk Meetup – Find new events and meet new people at

Miami – Dade Transit – Find information about trolleys, bus routes into Wynwood and other mass transit planning tools

Put the ‘Walk’ Into Wynwood’s Art Walk – Join the campaign for temporary street closure during Second Saturdays

Twitter Hashtags to Follow:

#IgersMiami – Submit a photo via Instagram to Beached Miami’s Instapix collaboration

#InsurrecYUM – Are you part of the delicious insurrection against the food truck crackdown? Shout out your favorite food truck with arms raised in the air to prove that the food trucks, and the appetites they feed, will not be suppressed!

#ArtWalkMusic – Shout out your favorite Second Saturday DJ or performer

#ArtWalkArtists – Support your favorite sculptor, painter or performance artist (don’t forget to get permission before taking pictures of their work)


3 comments on “How to Have the Most Winning-est Wynwood Art Walk Experience Ever

  1. Katie Presley
    August 3, 2012

    Fantastic Artwalk tips! Great blog post!

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