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Desperate Housewives … of the Silver Screen?

The Queen of Versailles, a documentary recently reviewed in Bitch Magazine, is debuting this week as O Cinema’s latest OMG Dinner and a Movie feature.

Sundance Film Festival favorite Lauren Greenfield is back with another saga which many in Miami can relate to: a tale of a family going above and beyond the American dream of ownership by building the largest house in America, a house they also can’t afford once the 2008 recession devastates the American economy.

As Gretchen Sisson noted in her review for Bitch Magazine, “filmmakers have found inspiration in our current economic climate at the Sundance Film Festival”, a theme that plays out daily in Miami as the city struggles to recover from the collapse of the housing bubble.

While not every one can relate to the main subject of this film, a surgically enhanced housewife struggling with the vagaries of middle-class life, many movie-goers in the Magic City can relate to the themes of vulnerability and dashed hopes in one family’s struggle to realize the Great American Dream.

Tickets are available now (and sell out quick!) for O Cinema’s latest OMG Dinner and a Movie feature, starting this Thursday, August 2nd.


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