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Hit So Hard: The Life & Near Death Story of Patty Schemel – Playing at O Cinema This Weekend

Never Before Seen Footage of Seattle’s Grunge Scene from the Viewpoint of Patty Schemel, Drummer For The (Infamous) 90s Rock Band Hole

Patty Schemel, the openly gay drummer of 90s rock band Hole, battled heroin, homophobia and of course, the ever present music producers from corporate hell and  emerged from it all victorious.

Clocking in over half a dozen years and counting of sobriety with her wife and family, Schemel shares her amazing struggles in HIT SO HARD : The Life & Near Death Story of Patty Schemel.

Playing this weekend at Miami’s very own independent film beacon, O Cinema, the audience is led on a nostalgic tour of the 90s music scene, featuring interviews by band members from Hole, Luscious Jackson, Faith No More and Phranc (links included for the younguns who were still crawling around in diapers during the 90s).

Schemel, Kurt Cobain and baby Frances Bean

Filmed from the viewpoint of Schemel’s handy Hi-8 camera (acquired just before Hole’s Live Through This world tour), filmgoers see rare insider footage of the grunge movement’s major players, such as a lucid Courtney Love playing with Kurt Cobain and baby Frances Bean, the camaraderie shared by the band members of Hole and rare viewpoints of Courtney Love’s legendary attention seeking outbursts.

Courtney Love Surprises in Hit So Hard

The biggest surprise found in this documentary is the revelation that Courtney Love, (willingly interviewed in glitter shoes and smeared makeup for the documentary, humorlessly declaring, “No one wants to be me” ), doled out some of the toughest love during Schemel’s struggle with heroin.

Having lost her own husband to heroin hell, Love called Schemel out on the predictable lies that fellow addicts clearly see right through and convinced her to enter drug rehabilitation.

Patty Schemel will be joining O-Cinema for a Q&A via skype after the 7pm screening on Saturday. 

Filmmakers P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes will also be joining O-Cinema for  a post-film Q&A via skype after the 7pm screenings on Friday & Sunday.


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