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Amanda Francoeur | Mind Your Graphics | Graphic + Web Design

A graphic designer’s dreams take flight into a career

Website Design
Graphic Art
Print Materials
Business Logos

How did your journey as an artist begin?


I have the best clients in the world and my goal is to make them happy!

I started pencil drawing as a young anxty teenager. It was an outlet for me that I really enjoyed. Art classes in school would allow me to also explore painting and ceramics, which I also enjoyed very much.

My mom did what moms do best, and would boast about my talent in art to everyone.

So while in high school I decided I wanted to be a starving artist, and naturally my dad said “No”.

I needed to find a career where I could be creative and make a living, so I looked at what art colleges had to offer, and focused on graphic design.

While in school for graphic design, although I loved it very much, I was interested in where the ideas for the designs came from.

Uncompromised Quality in Graphic Design Miami

In an agency setting, there are creative directors, marketing professionals, and art directors telling the designer what copy to use with which images.

I wanted to be a part of that as well, so I switched majors to advertising and moved across the country in pursuit of my goal.

Were you more a graphic designer before focusing on web development, or were your talents for both developed in tandem?

Getting a job in corporate America meant I had to be a one stop shop for many things.

Coming out of school during a recession, I was willing to continue learning to offer whatever skills were in demand.

miami-graphic-design-website-design-business-logos-mindyourgraphics.comAlthough I studied advertising and graphic design, I was hired as a web designer after graduation. I took one or two web classes in college but never considered myself a web designer.

My new boss was very knowledgeable and provided training on basic HTML and seo techniques. While working there I fell in love with web design and took certificate courses to build my web design knowledge.

What do you offer customers that larger companies can’t provide?


Brand loyalty happens in about the time it takes to glance at a flyer

I really strive to create something they are proud of and want to show off.

Larger companies strive to hit ‘their numbers’ every month and end up compromising quality with their designs.

I have the best clients in the world and my goal is to make sure they’re happy.

Usually they have more projects in the future and they tell their friends, resulting in a growing list of returning clients with with strong word of mouth referrals.

I am the point of contact for my clients and deliver personalized one on one service.

What inspired you to go into business for yourself? What’s the biggest surprise you’ve encountered running your own business? What’s been most rewarding?

I have always offered freelance services while working full time, so I have been able to adapt my business habits according to things I’ve learned along the way, such as unpaying clients or service prices.

I never begin a job without sending a quote and getting an agreement to my terms and conditions. If a potential client is unwilling to accept them they may skip out on the bill. Brushing up on contracts and legal matters is a necessity.

What’s are some mistakes organizations make when developing their website / logo / other materials requiring graphics or design.


Always Hire a Professional

The biggest mistake organizations or businesses can make is not hiring a professional to do the job.

Sometimes they hire a ‘discount’ service and end up with what they paid for. It’s like hiring a brother-in-law to fix a hole in the roof. Unless he is a roofer, you’re probably going to pay for it again.

It took me a long time and a lot of hard work to get to where I want to be and I had to time it financially.

If a new business or organization doesn’t have the capital to hire a designer for a logo, it may not be the right time for them.

Some businesses don’t realize how much bad designs can hurt them. They risk potential clients not taking them seriously.

Brand loyalty is the hardest thing to gain, and the easiest thing to lose. It happens quickly too, in about the time it takes to glance at a flyer.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Photography Website by

I’m always being inspired by other artistic mediums.

Graphic design uses a lot of photography, and being with a photographer, I have found myself exploring that medium.

We just got back from an S.P.E. (Society for Photographic Education) event in San Francisco, and saw an amazing array of work and inspiring project lectures.

I am always looking for new inspiration and learning new things to increase my skill set.

Are there any other artistic mediums you want to branch out in?

In 5 years I want to have a longer list of amazing clients from around the world!


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  1. vina ilagan
    September 23, 2012

    never settle for less. Expert indeed is needed for this job.

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