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I’m Not Gonna Move to L.A.: Film Gate Edition

A little advice for those unfamiliar with I’m Not Gonna Move to L.A. – tickets sell out quickly! Advertisements

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I’m Not Gonna Move to L.A.: The Tiny Cigar

“The future bodes well for Miami film” – John Rasmussen

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#Wynwood #Halloween parade – promoting c

#Wynwood #Halloween parade – promoting creative generation of innovators, artists, musicians and entertainers!

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Let’s Experiment: A Monthly Networker for Miami’s Indie Film Industry

Staggering underneath all that pricey debt for a film degree and not sure where to find a job in South Florida? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Meet up with fellow experimental filmmakers … Continue reading

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Keep Second Saturday Art Walk Open To All

An open forum is needed for art galleries, musicians, performance artists, local businesses, restaurants and food trucks to manage Second Saturday Art Walk’s growing pains TOGETHER. 

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September Second Saturday Art Walk Crackdown: A DJ’s View

Pinchadiscos 305 sheds light on September’s Second Saturday Crackdown and the work that lays ahead for the Art Walk community.

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Enjoy the Toronto Film Festival in Tropical Paradise!

Get your tickets now for the Film Festival Flix presentation of Expiration and Face to Face, Wednesday, September 12th at O Cinema. 

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Future of Second Saturday Art Walk: Don’t Let The Breakdancing End!

Now is the time for art galleries, musicians, performance artists, restaurants and food trucks to find solutions TOGETHER for managing the increasingly popular Second Saturday Art Walk

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First Night of DWNTWN Art Days

Grand opening of McCormick Place Featuring South Florida artists Stephen Gamson and Eleazar Delgado as well as Miami International University of Art & Design! More pictures at

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Emerge Miami September Ride: Local Businesses

This Saturday, September 8th,  Emerge Miami‘s monthly group bicycle ride will be devoted to The Magic City’s local businesses and co-operatives. First stop on the group ride route is none other … Continue reading

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